September Meeting Notes

Thanks to all who attended our first Parents Club Meeting of the Year!  We had a great turnout and we were excited to see so many new faces, and so many familiar ones!


For those of you who can’t make the meetings, you can stay updated on volunteer opportunities, fundraising and more by checking this website.

Otter Run:

  1. Otter Run is FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6
    1. Goal: 15% increase of funds raised from last years total.  This school funds a ton of programs with the school, including after school clubs, visiting programs in science and the arts and more! 
    2. Students to gather pledges from family to earn a school T-shirt!
      1. Online Donation instructions:PARENT ONLINE DONATIONS:
        Go to:
        Enter your student’s ID # and last name (case sensitive)
        Click on your child’s name / Items at Student’s School / Otter Walk & Run / Enter amount and complete your purchase

        Go to:
        Set up a guest account.
        Choose: Items at all schools / K-8 / Three Rivers / Otter Walk and Run
        Enter your donation amount, name of the student and complete your purchase

      2. Pledge forms will go home with students.
    3. Volunteer spots are filling but volunteers are still needed! Sign up here:

Budget Report:

  1. New Treasurer Sarah Gresham working hard to complete a full and Current Budget for the year. Due to a lack of documentation from previous leadership this task will take time but is now in good hands.
    1. As of 9/13/17 the current balance in the PTA account is 10353$.
    2. New Charges approved for funds include:
      1. Otter Run funds for Shirts and otter pops.
      2. Otter Haves for teachers, 200$ per teacher.

Contact Points:

  1. Stay in touch with us on Facebook:
  2. Keep up with this blog for the latest info!

Fall Carnival:

  1. Date: October 28, 6-9pm at Thousand Trails
  2. $1500 was donated to the school from 2016 Fall Carnival, funds were used to fund the Wildheart Nature School after school programs.
  3. The event has been growing every year, and could be a big fundraiser this year if we meet the needs for additional space and activities.
  4. Tent – seeking donations or resources for the rental of an outdoor tent to create additional space.
  5. Pumpkin patch – seeking donations of pumpkins for a pumpkin patch!
  6. Haunted House – kid friendly version, plus the full scare will happen again this year!
  7. Carnival Games – festivities include fun carnival games for the kiddos, and we will be seeking donations for small prizes.
  8. Food – Thousand Trails will provide tasty soups, hot cocoa, popcorn, and more!

Auction Planning:

  • Biggest PTA Fundraiser of the year. 
  • Tentative Date: May 5, 2018 at SHARC
  • Volunteers needed for information search as well as starting on the larger business solicitation for donations.  Email us for more info! 
  • Alcohol table success needs to be capitalized on. Now is the time to start researching wine, beer, and hard liquor donations.

Chairs for Events:

Thank you to all of our volunteers who offered to chair and fundraisers events this year!

  • Small Fundraiser: Kellie H., Jaimie Cray, Michelle Mertin.
  • Carnival: Jeff Mertin, Carson Oniel.
  • Santa Crafts: Tia Orman, Corbi Young, Jessica Littlefield.
  • Middle School: Summer Holland, Cammy Charles, Gina Reedy-Wearin.
  • Parent/Movie Night: Michelle Mertin, Tina.

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