October Meeting Notes

Thanks to all who attended our second Parents Club Meeting of the Year!  It is awesome to see how much school support we are receiving from our community!


For those of you who can’t make the meetings, you can stay updated on volunteer opportunities, fundraising and more by checking this website, posters at school, Facebook page, or contact any of our great leadership team with questions!

October Monthly Meeting 2017

5 October 2017 / 8:30 AM / Art Room


Kellie Havlin, Sara Bewley, Jaimie Cray, Kelly Vance, Kelly Clark, Summer Holland, Sarah & Brian Gresham, Leigh Scott-Kirschner & Jason Kirschner, Tim Broadbent. See Sign up doc for full list.

Introductions around the room.


Otter Walk:

  1. Jason debriefs on otter walk.
    1. Leigh will be debriefing at 11:30 with volunteers.
    2. Jason and Bryan will be doing set up the morning of. Signs located in the PTA closet.
    3. Each volunteer is responsible for cleaning up their own stations.
    4. Safety stations such as street crossings still need volunteers.
    5. Emails will be sent out to encourage donations with the shirt as an incentive.
    6. At this point we have raised 8009.00$ and will encourage w/percentages to reach our goal of a 15% increase.

Fall Carnival:

  1. Thousand Trails has requested 30 volunteers.
  2. Discussion of a possible tent purchase and storage logistics related to said purchase. Renting has proved too expensive.
  3. Fall Carnival currently has 26 volunteers expressing interest.
  4. 3:30 – 8:30 for Volunteers and 4-8 for guests.
  5. 2-3 Volunteers per event for breaks.
  6. Pumpkin pricing discussed.
    1. Need at least a year out to order pumpkins for future events.
  7. Popcorn machine to be rented from PTA.
  8. No table reservations signs need to be made for event to prevent squatting at tables.

Parents Night Out:

  1. Open to any student.
  2. 10$ for the first child and 5$ for any additional school children in the family.
  3. Bend MTN Man will products and donate a portion of the proceeds to the school.
  4. Water bottles will be available for a price.
  5. 30-50 total children for event. First come first served for event.
  6. Volunteers will be allowed to bring younger siblings.
  7. 7 heads per volunteer, 8 if we move to 50 total.
  8. Permission slips sent home for children sign up and sign-up genius used for volunteers.

New event – Halloween Grab Bags:

  1. 5$ a piece for each bag.
  2. Not geared for middle school – options in need of discussion.
  3. 250 total bags
    1. 5-8 volunteers needed to create bags.
  4. Lunchroom distribution
  5. Funds made will move to otter haves and after school clubs.
  6. Paypal will be used for an online pay option. With the permission slip a flyer with attached envelope will be sent home for non-electronic pay option.

Miscellaneous Planning:

  1. Discussion on possible contact options to the community. What works and what needs improvement. How do we make sure to hit all of our bases.
    1. Digitally through –
      1. Facebook
      2. Email
      3. PTA webpage
      4. Otter News emails
    2. Non-digital through –
      1. Flyers
      2. Posters
      3. Word of Mouth.
    3. Open to more options.
  2. Fall Fundraisers of the traditional kind.
    1. Starts Oct. 31 and will be delivered by November 26th.
    2. Need volunteers to work on paperclipping flyers to be sent out.
  3. Brandon speaks on care4kids.
    1. 13000.00$ donated last year. Pacific Crest had a great showing last year and we hope to make it even bigger this year.
    2. Volunteers are needed to keep this program running successfully! Check out http://www.threeriverscareforkids.com/
  4. Box Top drive needs help with trimming the box tops down.
    1. Pays for new playground equipment.
  5. QR scanning needs to be added to our communications for easier use.
  6. Honor Roll Lunch’s – who will cater.
    1. Bend la pine nutrition & Blondies.
  7. The Auction location for this Spring has been awarded to the SHARC this year.
    1. May 5th 6-10pm.
    2. 25 total tables and these tables will be available for sponsorship at 100$ a table.

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