November Meeting Minutes

PTA Leadership

November Monthly Meeting 2017

5 October 2017 / 8:30 AM / Art Room


Kellie Havlin, Sara Bewley, Jaimie Cray, Kelly Vance,Tia Orman, Megan Isola, Michelle Mertin, Mary McDonald, Visiting Principal, Tim Broadbent.

Introductions of our new Treasurer

Tia Orman.

Tia Has participated with the PTA the last three years and is excited to be involved with the PTA leadership planning and organizing. Tia will be sending out a financial update with the Otter News.


Otter Walk:

  1. The Otter Walk Raised 13,695$. Not only did we reach our goal we surpassed it! Great Job Otters! According to Principal B. only about 30-40% participated in the Otter Walk fundraising this year. Here are a few things we hope to improve on or do differently next year to increase our success!
    1. Setting up the day before (ensuring all props, tables are set up, marking running route, etc.).
    2. Emailing volunteers their assigned station.
    3. Having touch-base with volunteers at least 30 minutes prior to the event starting – to avoid confusion.
    4. Having appropriate signage available (stop signs, yield, etc.).
    5. All snacks ready and evenly distributed amongst students (a call out from the Chair).
    6. Reviewing logistics of the route in search of better safety options for the kids on the road.
    7. Principal B. will contact police dept in the future.
    8. Brainstorm new ideas for an increase in community involvement such as:
        1. Sponsorship – Resort? Sage Springs? Caldera?
    9. Online sales proved to be a good tool.
    10. Next year goals, tshirts, and sales need a more aggressive approach.

Fall Carnival:

  1. Waiting on Thousand Trails feedback.

Parents Night Out:

  1. Raised 103$ from the event and 50$ from concessions with Bend Mountain Man.
  2. Increasing participation to meet the goal of 30 K-5/6 students.
  3. Re-formatting sign-up sheet to reflect an after-school club format.
  4. Having gym set up with more accessible gym equipment, mats on the floor for tumbling.
  5. Extending hours from 6-9 to 6-10.
  6. Change Marketing to a Fun Kids night out.
  7. Contact Sunriver Aquatics for a possible joint venture.
  8. Set up a table the week prior at drop off and pick up to encourage sign up.
  9. Create list of local babysitters for children that do not attend Three Rivers.
  10. Don’t charge volunteers for their kids.
  11. Involve middle schoolers and offer award letters for volunteer hours towards college transcripts.

Halloween Grab Bags:

  1. Raised a total profit of 258.02.
  2. Limiting bag quantities.
  3. Incorporating Middle School students – food filled bags – contact SR Market.
  4. Adding an Otter Buck to the grab bags.
  5. Sponsorship from local fun places like bouncing off the walls or Virtual Reality.
  6. Have a Golden Ticket bag with a large prize. 3 separate ones for each lunch?


Box Tops:

  1. Raised 327.00 minus postage. Ms. Doyle will pull historical data to see where we stand.
  2. A few box top volunteers are needed for clipping and sorting. Will look to recruit through the otter news and leadership club.
  3. Jaimie Cray will create boxes to be dropped off at local businesses to encourage the local community to participate.
  4. Encourage donations to be CLIPPED and for all Expired to be TOSSED as the do us no good.

Book Fair:

  1. Jaimie Cray will Chair for 2018/19 school year as our wonderful Kat will be moving on! If you see Kat please pass on your gratitude for all she has done for our wonderful school!
  2. Raised 1721$ this year.
  3. Next book fair there will be more advertisement and encouragement to the community to purchase as we get 50% of all sales including the small toys and fun gadgets the kids love.

A Day of Thanks:

  1. Day of Thanks is the community’s opportunity to say thank you to the wonderful school staff. By showing appreciation to school staff,  we boost moral and create a positive work environment.  By showing gratitude we can alleviate stress, create stronger bonds, and lead our children by example.
  2. Megan Isola has stepped up to Chair the Day of Thanks on November 16th.
  3. Please contact the PTA if you would like to be involved in this event. We will need around 10 volunteers.

Santa Crafts:

  1. Corbi Young will chair Santa Crafts this year. It will take place over 2 days – 14th and 15th of December.
  2. Santa Crafts will create a fun environment for children to create and learn. This event has 5 developmental benefits Bilateral Coordination, Fine Motor Coordination, Self Regulation, Self-esteem Booster, and Bonding and Fun.
  3. Hot Cocoa and Reindeer food will be the crafts for K-3 and they will have an opportunity to sit with Santa for a picture.
  4. The crafts for 4-5 graders is still in the works. Feel free to shoot the PTA suggestions! The older kids will have a fun Photo Booth to take pictures with their friends.
  5. The Chair will be looking for volunteers from the middle school to help the younger kids with their crafts.

Family Movie Night:

  1. Give families a free evening out together. Movie night will allow parents and their children to experience the school in a whole new way. Create great community bonding!
  2. Kristina Lepere-Andrews will be Chairing this event on Dec 15th.
  3. A poll will be sent out online to determine the movie to be shown.
  4. The time will be 6pm till done.

Holiday Store:

  1. Gina Reed-Wearin and Merri Sands will be Chairing the Holiday Store.
  2. The Holiday store will be starting its collection of donations soon. NO CLOTHES OR ANYTHING SIZED ACCEPTED!
  3. Principal B. will be collecting Volunteers.
  4. NextDoor App and other resources should be utilized to contact local community for donations.

Holiday Store:

  1. Middle School opportunities.
    1. Teens Night Out.
    2. Fashion Show or Design club to feature clothes from the closets.
    3. Candy Grams for holidays.

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