Parent Club Update


Parent Club Update:
Hi Parents! We’re thrilled to be heading into the 2018-2019 school year in a financially strong position. We hope to work closely with all of you in a fun and collaborative way to create and fund meaningful experiences for our children, support our teachers, and help connect families. But we need YOUR help and participation to meet our goals.
We’re grateful to the parents who have stepped up to help lead and organize our parent group! Kindergarten parent Mindy Holliday will head things up, with Tawny helping as co-treasurers, and Kelly Vance continuing her efforts with social media. We still need a few more parents to assist with other more specific roles, such as helping us coordinate events, encouraging volunteers, and managing our website. Parents are also needed for other tasks throughout the school year, such as dropping off food items for appreciation days or supplies for a Parent Club sponsored project.


Roles Available:

  • Vice-President: support Mindy and help organize monthly evening meetings at rotating restaurants in Sunriver
  • Secretary: takes notes at meetings and communicates information with the Parent Group
  • Volunteer Co-Coordinators: two people to help get more parents involved in the Parent Group
  • Public Relations Co-Coodinators: two people to share the task of getting the word out about all the great things the Parents Group will do and does!
  • Event Chairs/Board:  Chair our major events such as the Otter Run and Field Day, and participate in our informal advisory board.

Starting next year, the Parent Club will meet in the evenings at a local restaurant, which will rotate locations every month, as well as in the mornings at Three Rivers School.

To volunteer, learn more about Parent Club events and programs, or for questions or concerns, please reach out to us at or on Facebook at


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