October Meeting Minutes

Parent Club Meeting Minutes

JOIN US NOVEMBER 7 at 1:30 for our next meeting.

October 17, 2018

Old Business

Four positions still available including, Vice President, Events Chair, 2019 Otter Run Chair, and Legacy Project Chair, which is updating furniture for A and B Commons.

Mr. B:  The A commons is the most popular and the furniture was damaged, they got rid of it and pulled from the C and B commons.  He thinks it is about 75% through its life. B needs a little and C is probably fine. Could narrow to getting new furniture for A and moving extra to B.

Mrs. White A commons teachers would like to get some child size furniture.  Need adult but would also like a few child sized items. Could be a couch, could be a small table, low (like Mrs. Walker’s low table with pillows) so kids feel it is theirs.

Mindy called Sunriver Resort to see if they are getting rid of anything, and Second Tern is also an option.

New Business

Teachers: Mrs. Norris and Mrs. White attending.  Mindy asked if they have any needs? Thoughts?

They say the Otter Run was great. Face painting was popular, do it again. Coming from run to inside was good because they had to slow down/calm down.  Mindy: What about the on-line Otter Haves? Working? -Mrs. White said it seems easy. She likes that it is on line.

About Otter Haves:
Each teacher gets $200 budget for the year to purchase something for their room.  Mr. B approves, Mindy approves all Otter Haves. Clubs also can use some of the money, example Robotics Club. Good to hear online Otter Haves is working well.

Tracy from Food Corps Service attending.  FCS- Connects kids with healthy food in schools.   Mobile garden started last year. Open to all of the children.  It’s in the art room and will be here throughout the year. They can always use volunteers.  Let her know if you want to see something here. Taste testing is big.

Mindy gave Tracy our agenda with contact info.  An idea is to send an email out via the Parent Club email asking for volunteers.

Otter Run Update:  Mr. B: $10, 810 raised from Otter Walk.  Incentive set up this year that any class to achieve 75% participation would get a party if they reached the goal.  One class reached this goal, therefore, we have a lot of ice cream left. They let the sports teams and clubs know and they can use it for all end of season parties, etc.  Mr. B also mentioned that around $10,000 is what seems to be raised each year, so by not offering the t-shirts as an incentive didn’t seem to make a difference. T-shirts were a huge expense for the Parent Club, and the Advisory Board voted to do an ice cream party instead this year.

Idea from Mrs. Walker – have a 5k.  Eclectic Edge is a company to use. Or little kids could do the track and bigger kids do the Caldera loop.  Or a company like Why Racing? (They do the Pacific Crest Run). Use them to partner up in the fall? Mindy said this is another thing someone could sign up for “2019 Run Chair”.  Mr. B said he’ll talk to the teacher from Elk Meadows to see how they do it.

For the 2019 Otter Run, there needs to be more volunteers at the end because they need an adult to cross and go back to TRS with.  But not all kids did so next year have someone at the end to “police” the end. Shortening may be a help but kids could get confused.

Financial Report

The treasurer presented the last month’s financial report, and everyone in attendance agreed that they should just present information from the previous month – not year to date.

Three Rivers School cannot give money to an individual, so sometimes Beth will ask the Parent Club to pay the person and reimburse us. That is why financial reports at each meeting are critical, so we can be transparent with the funds.

If you have been approved to purchase items for the Parent Club, here are the requirements for reimbursement (provided by treasurer after the meeting):


Payable To:


Items Purchased:
Expense Amount:
Delivery Method: Mail or Hand

Mailing Address:
Scan/Image of Receipt(s): Send To: TRPTAReceipts@gmail.com

A form is in progress and will be ready for distribution by the next meeting.


Box Tops

Nov 1 is the first deadline for Box Tops.  Next Tuesday after drop off will have a Box Top party to get them prepped for mailing. Leadership Team will create boxes to collect box tops in each classroom.  Sara will present at next meeting and we’ll choose the winner. Idea to send the form home. Sara says the problem with people holding onto the sheets is that they expire.  If just one Box Top is expired, they throw the whole thing out. That’s why they have the party so that all on the same page have been checked. Will give a little prize like $5 gift certificate to Circle K.

Jami:  Oliver is opening on Friday of this week. Lots of kids in the play.  Next Thurs is Local’s night for $10 instead of $15. Doors open at 6.  Starts at 7. Mrs. Norris will hang a poster if Jami has one. Wallow is catering.  25 kids in the play (a bulk are Three Rivers students).

Spring Auction Update

Jami: We are looking for a new venue.  Talking to the Great Hall. If they stay at SHARC, there is not enough room so the cost will go up a lot.  Idea is to have a kid’s carnival during the day and auction at night, possibly. Last year was 364-ish tickets plus volunteers plus extra.  Theme will be Roaring 20s and Casino Night. More live auctions and a big band. Sunriver Brewery was a big sponsor last year with food, which was under $800, chef volunteered, used the school kitchen, etc. Need to figure out venue first.  Need to nail down the date. Rotary Auction does it at the Great Hall- need to check their dates.

Fall email fundraiser campaign

Instead of a lot of little campaigns, do one large email campaign.  Goal is to raise $4k or $5K which was the total of all of the little things last year.

The Band App

Download it.  This will be good for things that people can vote on, especially parents that can’t make the meetings.  Asking for volunteers, what’s going on. Great avenue to stay informed.


Upcoming Events  

Book Fair- need some people to help out: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090845afa62da6f85-book

Thousand Trails- need some people to volunteer at the Fall Carnival (proceeds go to TRS):  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090845afa62da6f85-thousand


Sara asked to clarify the Giving Tree gift limit.  It is confirmed at $25.


Next Meeting: Wednesday, Nov. 7 at 1:30 at TRS. If that time doesn’t work, there is a social meeting at 6 p.m. at The Wallow.

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