December Meeting Minutes

Parent Club Meeting Minutes

December 5, 2018

Next Meeting: Jan. 9, 2019 at TRS 1:30pm and Sunriver Brewing 6:00pm.

Old Business

Vacant positions: Sill need Vice Pres and Event Chairs

Story Time update: About 35 people attended and Roxanne, with the Sunriver Library, read aloud.  K-2 is a better fit than K-3. Might be a little young for 3rd graders.

Fall Giving Campaign update: $1445 so far out of $4000 goal.  Mr. B will ask for small increments in an email $5 or $10, for a push to the end.  Highlight the tax deduction. Shall we continue selling items? Maybe a little of both?  Compare final amount to what we got last year? Table this until January/February meeting.

Santa Crafts update: Merri doing pictures, Santa is ready, Mindy will bring coffee for volunteers, and the Leadership team helping. Coming in under budget.

Movie night update: Tina stated that everything is looking good. They have 13 vendors, and Marcello’s is providing the pizza. Consider for next year: setting guidelines on who can attend. Three Rivers Families or outside folks?  If we have vendors, they need to know that it is or isn’t an open community event.

Giving Tree Update: Sara stated that there is not a lot of traction.  However, it hasn’t been pushed much but can when the Giving Campaign is over.  And idea was suggested to move the Giving Tree to Family Movie night. Mr. B will have Jeff move the tree down.

Legacy Project Update: Kelly will connect with the teachers after the first of the year.

Paint your ornament event Dec. 1-2: a percent of money is going to TRS.

Spring Auction Update: Jami and Kelly are following up with resort, and should know within the following week if that is an option for a location. Marcello’s wants to support with food, but resort has rules about outside food vendors.

Box Tops Update: Sara said we should be getting a check shortly for submittal at the end of October. Another clipping party will happen in Feb.

New Business

Teacher Input:

Rebecca Fender- Garden Club will be doing 3 raised beds outside this year. They had a $1300 grant, about half of that left. Levi’s Sawmill Services donating wood for raised beds. Will need Construction help, seeds, etc. Someone suggested to use Sign up Genius for parent/family help.  May go through the summer, but would need family help.

Michelle Johnson- Leadership team; Sign up Genius working well. Would be good to have a parent confirmation come from it because kids sign up without parent knowledge.  Ask students to put parents email address in potentially.

Tawny – financial update:

  • Nick has stepped down as co-treasurer. Insurance submitted, annual membership dues submitted, trainings submitted.  
  • There needed to be clarification on when the PTA’s fiscal year is, there are differences in documents. Membership voted all in favor of keeping it with the school’s fiscal year: July 1- June 30.
  • Clarification was needed that the 2018-2019 budget was approved by the Board. This was confirmed by membership, and Board approved via email during the summer months.
  • An audit of 2017-2018 is needed and it can’t be a current signer on the bank account. Sara was nominated and elected to be the auditor. Mindy will talk with Sara and move forward with this to complete as soon as possible. Tawny is getting all the documents and information gathered.
  • Raised PTA vs. Parent Club name. Membership discussed: Previously some parents have struggled with PTA name, so Parent Club resided under the PTA heading to be more of a volunteer group.  Parent Club then just became the name that was being used for the group as a whole, however, PTA is the tax-exempt name. Would need to do 501 3c to change it to Parent Club. A PTO is an option too (Parent Teacher Organization). This discussion was tabled, and the Board would discuss at the next meeting.

Next Meeting: Jan. 9, 2019 at TRS 1:30pm and Sunriver Brewing 6:00pm.


*minutes approved by Mindy on 12/20/2018

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