January 2019 Meeting Minutes

Three Rivers PTA

Meeting Minutes


Old Business

  • Fall Giving Campaign Update: this concluded with a total of $4,387 raised, well over our goal of $4,000. The PTA will not do any of the smaller fundraisers for the year that has been done in the past. During this topic Mindy presented expense report (see attached) that was approved by the PTA Advisory Board this summer to show what expenses we have accrued so far this year. She wanted everyone to note that most of the line items are at or below budget.  Nicole saw the line item for the 8th grade t-shirts and stated that this is a huge hit every year and and the kids really appreciate them. Emily said the kids love the Scholastic News as well, which the PTA paid for.
  • December PTA Board/Officer meeting recap: it was voted on and decided to go back to being called PTA (vs. Parent Club) because that is how we are listed with the state, IRS, etc.  In addition, the 2017-2018 audit was approved.


New Business

  • Teacher Input:
    • More t-shirt discussion where Lisa stated that she can possibly help with lower costs of t-shirts. Nicole will take it to the middle school teacher meeting and verify they would like to have these as gifts for the 8th grade class again this year.
    • They liked the email fundraiser because it took away them having to deal with getting fundraiser items out to kids in the classroom and field questions from parents that they didn’t have all the answers to provide.
    • Nicole said the middle school kids loved the Santa Craft this year, and loved being involved.  Emily said they all really loved it too.
  • Sunriver Observatory coming to the school: Mindy facilitated scheduling this, which is a no cost event from a grant from the Sunriver Women’s Club.  They will set up a traveling planetarium for the kids to visit and learn about the solar system Jan. 17-18, 2019 in the middle school commons.
  • Tawny/Financial Update:
    • Sara is the new auditor for the PTA. They reviewed/audited the 2017-2018 fiscal year and came within 3 cents.
    • She had a quarterly meeting with Beth and reconciled every line item for various Otter Haves and Otter Club Haves.  
    • She also presented where we are with budget as compared with last year (per request from 2 meetings ago and is attached).
  • Spring Auction: Has been scheduled for May 18 at SHARC and the theme is Roaring 20s. The Auction Committee will meet next year to begin planning for the event. Lisa and Tina have already actively been seeking items for the silent auction.  
  • January 15 is Family Zumba and Yoga night at TRS. Jessica will be doing Zumba first, and then Bonnie will teach yoga. Both are with Downward Dog Yoga Studio and are donating their time.
  • Jessica Collman/Three Rivers Dance Club idea:
    • Jessica teaches Dance and Ballet at the Sunriver Aquatic Center to many TRS students, but she wants to find a new location to teach the kids dance.  She would like to do it at the school. If it were a club, it wouldn’t cost any money to use a space, if not, TRS would charge her $25. She would be able to split a few classes each week, for two months, into different age group categories. She is just asking that the PTA cover her time, which would be roughly $200 for a two month period. The PTA voted on moving forward with having Jessica look into how to set up dance at the school as a club.  The PTA also voted unanimously yes on paying her $200 for two months and offering a few classes every week; zero no.
  • Mandy Davis, Owner of Live, Laugh, Love Art in the Sunriver Village was unanimously voted in as Vice President. Tina motioned, Corbi seconded the motion.
  • Tina and Lisa volunteered to be Event Co-coordinators, with the goal to make events more casual and located out in the community.  
    • They have both been in contact previously with Mandy to offer a Sip & Paint Night for TRS parents are her studio. She stated that she would waive the $90 instructor fee. She would need to know how many people about a week before, and could hold about 28 people.  She could use the SHARC if she has more people, but everyone stated that it wouldn’t be necessary. The PTA unanimously voted to not use the $250 budgeted for a winter movie night to bring the cost of event, $35/person, down to $27/per person. Everyone felt that money would be better used in the classrooms, and that if someone was going to go, that $8 difference wouldn’t make a huge impact.  


Next Meeting: Wednesday, Feb. 13 at 1:30 at TRS. If that time doesn’t work, there is a social meeting at 6 p.m. at The Village Bar & Grill.


UPDATE SINCE MEETING on Jessica Collman/Dance Club at TRS:


After the meeting the vote on whether or not to pay Jessica Collman $200 for a couple of months to offer a Dance Club to TRS students, with a few classes each week was reopened because new and pertinent information was brought forth. It requires a motion to share this information, and a second. I, Mindy Holliday, motioned to reopen this vote with the information that was brought forth, and Kelly Vance seconded. All of the votes at the meeting last week (Jan. 9) count, but during this additional discussion period, anyone can change their vote and more votes can be cast. The new information Ms. Vance shared is below in the concerns section. This vote, and its corresponding discussion, was available on the PTA Band page. A Facebook link was shared asking everyone to go to Band and participate.


– Offers extra-curricular activities to TRS students that promotes healthy activity.
– Since many parents already take dance classes from Ms. Collman, there is a large amount of firsthand knowledge of how she conducts herself, and that she offers conservative and age appropriate dance activities.
– Offers families an ideal time slot to expose students to various dance methods.
– Utilizes this avenue to promote other after school clubs that teachers don’t have time or budget for.
-There was a very high level of interest from those attending the PTA meeting last week.

-Limited class size
-Historically the PTA has relied on and sought out volunteers to lead any after school clubs to donate their time (separate from clubs ran by faculty/staff). The PTA has only purchased club supplies (i.e. art supplies for an art club) so Club Leaders are just donating their time, not any out-of-pocket expenses.
-This sets a precedent for the PTA paying people a rate to lead clubs and activities outside of school, in which all of the current clubs are ran by volunteers (separate from clubs ran by faculty/staff).
-Looking for volunteers and/or donations before spending any PTA funds is a group norm in all other PTA-related functions and events.


Oregon PTA:

Our representative also stressed to us that we have to be careful how we pay people from the PTA. Our organization is not set up to pay employees, therefore, it was recommended that if this is approved that Ms. Collman fill out a short Grant Application, and we pay her through a grant. The grant form would specifically state the beginning and end date of this club to protect us from liability. There are copies on the Oregon PTA website for reference that I will use. In addition, if the amount that is ever paid to someone exceeds $600, there are additional tax forms we have to fill out. Furthermore, to pay Ms. Collman with a grant or personally, she has to be added as a member of our PTA.

AIM Companies:
From my phone call this morning, our representative confirmed that this would then be considered a PTA event, and we would be on the hook if someone got hurt. We have a general liability policy of up to 1 million dollars, and an extension of coverage as an accidental medial policy of $5,000 per medical occurrence. It was recommended that we create a Parent Waiver that each parent sign that attends this club, to help alleviate us from any liability.

Mindy reached out individually to the 5 people that were at the PTA meeting last week and had not yet voted in Band. I want to make sure they are aware of the motion on the table and the additional information that has been shared to either confirm their yes vote, or change their vote however they deem appropriate.


When the vote ended, 9 people approved, 4 voted no, and 1 voted that “if she’s going to do one class per week, I think it should be a volunteer, however, if she is going to do multiple classes per week I would be OK with the PTA paying her.”


Mandy will work to create a Grant Application Form and an Event Liability Form. Sara will work with Jessica to create a schedule, get her listed as a member of the PTA, and coordinate payment.


*Approved by Mindy Holliday, PTA President, on Jan. 17, 2019.

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