August 2019 Board/Officer Meeting Minutes

Three Rivers PTA
August Board/Officer Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, August 21
3 – 5 p.m., Sunriver Brewing Company

Attendance: Mindy Holliday, Karla College, Sara Bewely, Kellie Havlin, Lindsey Swinehart, Kelly Vance, Brandy Odekirk

2019-2020 Budget:
The budget was unanimously approved. A few points of interest are:

  • A donation of $650 to the Football program. $350 was given after the auction, but the Board discussed giving them a total of $1,000 as that is what another club raised at the auction only because they had a more popular game.
  • Mindy wanted to include $600 for Oregon PTA Conference Fees and lodging. She would like to go to the conference to learn about more broad-scale ways to help educators in our community and state. There is also room in the budget for one other person to go as well, and Kellie Havlin as expressed interest.
  • Instead of writing numerous checks to TRS a year for Otter Haves and other needs, the PTA will be writing one large check in September for the school to use based on the agreed upon breakdown.

The final budget is attached.

Bylaws Changes/Updates:
The Board unanimously approved updates to the Bylaws. Changes include adding the requirements to download BAND to every position, meetings will be every other month, voting will only happen at afternoon meetings, topics that need to be voted on that come up during a meeting with be tabled until the following meeting so people have a chance to attend or voice opinion, and parents are able to vote via absentee to the PTA email address with their vote and an explanation. A final version of the Bylaws is located at

Calendar of Events:
The Board reviewed the draft Calendar of Events, and unanimously approved it. A couple things to note, that PTA meetings will be every other month now and the Open House was bumped up a week to Sept. 12 from 5-6:30pm. The Calendar of Events is a fluid document and will be updated as events are added or changed.

The Board unanimously voting on the theme for next year’s auction: Grease 1950s. Everyone shared that they would like to find a new location, and Kelly Vance is going to get in touch with Ryan from Sunriver Brewing to utilization their production facility. Based on that conversation, a date will be determined.

Teacher meeting:
Mindy will be meeting with all the Teachers the afternoon of August 28. She will share a few changes for the upcoming year and confirm that teachers appreciated being a part of the PTA meetings in order to move forward with the calendar and scheduling.

Welcome Back Packets:
Sara has sent Beth Box Tops information to include in the Welcome Back Packets that go home with each student the first week of school. Kelly is working on one that gives out general PTA information, such as what we do, how much money we give the school, ways to get involved, etc.

Front Office Safety/PTA Mailbox:
Tim sent Mindy an email about some changes to access by PTA members to the front office, as well as the location of the mailbox and other items for security purposes. It is attached.

Otter Run:
Mindy spoke with Tim about his office taking back the organization of the Otter Walk, as it is a school fundraiser, and he had no problem with that. However, the PTA will still organize the post-run celebration and cover those costs. Mindy will contact Eberhards for an ice cream donation and has sent Beth the signup genius to share to get volunteers. Also, there will be 2019 Otter Run tshirts available for purchase in the Otter Store at the beginning of the school year.


  • Lindsey Swinehart volunteered to take on the Events Chair position.
  • Mindy is going to talk to Jane about getting an Amazon Smile for the PTA set up.
  • The remaining 2018-2019 funds ($600) went to help purchase new computers to replace the ones that the district removed.
  • Jane, the new Treasurer, and Brandy, the new VP, were approved to now on the PTA FIB account.

Attachment 1: Email from Tim

Changes for 2019-2020
From: Tim Broadbent (
Date: Tuesday, August 13, 2019, 10:33 AM PDT


I had a couple of things to relay to you that I was hoping you could share with the PTA. There are some changes that are coming with the new secure school vestibules. The district is only wanting school district staff or students to be present in the front office or adults who are meeting with Mary or me in our offices. As a result, we are going to ask that the PTA start using the copier in the teacher workroom. Also, we will now have to put a mail bin in the PTA closet where we will deliver all of your mail.

Lastly, we will keep the key in the workroom in a secure location. Beth, Jill and I will get this all setup before the first day of school and show you where everything is. Also, I was going to ask that if you plan to hold small PTA meetings at the school, that you let us know and we will reserve you a conference room, classroom, or the library. Per reminders from the teacher’s union, we are to provide a break area free of distractions during their personal work day.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks so much!

Tim Broadbent
Principal – Three Rivers K-8 School

Attachment 2: 2019/2020 Budget

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