Share Your Opinion – Oregon Student Success Act

Share Your Opinion! Bend-La Pine Schools is slated to receive extra funds from the Oregon state Student Success Act. Here is PTA President Mindy Holliday’s recap of her attendance at a School District Excellence & Equity Review Session, as well as additional links/information.

Dear Three Rivers School parents and guardians,Last May Governor Kate Brown signed House Bill 3427 into law, also known as the Student Success Act. This law, when fully implemented, will add an additional $1 billion investment in Oregon schools each year. The goal is to provide new opportunities for every student in the state, particularly students who have been historically underserved.The new law is rooted in the ideas of authentic community engagement and equity. It requires school districts to build on the strengths and assets of young people, educators, families across the state, including members of the nine federally recognized tribes; students of color; students with disabilities; emerging bilingual students; and students navigating poverty, homelessness, and foster care.*Please note that Student Success Act funds do not go to remodeling buildings, obtaining land, changes to infrastructure, etc.Local ImpactBend-La Pine Schools, in preparation for the extra revenue provided by the Student Success Act, has created the Excellence & Equity Review sessions to examine the experiences of students and families in the district. The goal is to create a new, relevant, rigorous and regularly-occurring process that will allow the district to understand the academic, social and emotional experiences of students, particularly those from underserved populations. This will help district officials effectively prioritize strategies for school improvement efforts, and professional learning and funding.Bend-La Pine Schools is currently hosting more than 30 listening sessions with students and families across the district, and conducting interactive sessions with staff. I, along with three other parents, were invited to attend one of these listening sessions to represent Three Rivers School. The district is also asking all parents and guardians to fill out the survey, located at the bottom of this email, with their thoughts, opinions, etc.Three Rivers School Wish ListPrior to this meeting, all four Three Rivers School parent representatives met with Principal Broadbent to get a better understanding of what needs were a priority for the staff and teachers at TRS if they were to get additional funds from the Student Success Act. All four parents agreed with their assessment, and stressed many needs to district officials at the Excellence & Equity Review Session. However, these were the top two:1. Mental Health/Behavioral Counselor/School NurseThree Rivers School is one of only a few schools in the district that does not currently have a full-time, qualified mental health counselor at school. This position would be an incredible asset for all students, and especially for those who struggle with any mental health issues, have family/relationship/home problems, or have behavioral struggles. Furthermore, it would be ideal to have someone that can preliminarily diagnose mental health issues to get students the assistance that is needed much faster. This individual would address and help students with strategies to succeed academically and personally.In addition, this position could also serve as a school nurse. Not only would there be a designated medical person on staff, but this would free up nearly 1-2 hours per day that our front office staff spends on assisting students with various health issues. 2. Two to Three Additional Middle School TeachersThree Rivers School is in desperate need of more Middle School staff. For those that are not aware, the Science and Social Studies teachers currently have blended classes with 6/7/8 grade students. These classes are very large, and it is extremely difficult for the teacher to give their attention to all areas and levels, and to meet appropriate requirements. Right now, if a student comes to Three Rivers School mid-year, they may miss part of the 6th grade lesson because the teacher has moved on to the 7th grade. For example, these classes would be spread out into three separate periods: 6th grade Science, 7th grade Science, and 8th grade Science. It would be a win-win for both students and staff if there were more people available to meet the needs of every student.Furthermore, there are a limited amount of elective courses that are available to our middle schoolers. Most often the choices are Band or Choir, leaving many open spaces in a student’s schedule. If additional teachers were hired, the hope would be to find individuals that also certified in other areas. For example, a teacher could offer a foreign language or home economics elective.  FILL OUT THE SURVEY!Everyone has a voice, so please, feel out the survey to share your thoughts and opinions:, Mindy HollidayOtter Mom and PTA President
Fill Out the Survey Now
More Information:Bend-La Pine Schools Excellence & Equity Review Sessions: Success Act:

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