January 2020 Meeting Minutes

Three Rivers School PTA Meeting

January 8, 2020, 1:30 – 2:30pm at Three Rivers School

Attendees: Sara Bewley, Sarah Zendayas, Jane Yates, Mindy Holliday, Kelly Vance, Jennifer Lester, Erin Murphy, Mrs. Leistad (teacher), Principal Broadbent

Welcome and introductions.

Teacher Input: Mrs. Leistad said that she has heard nothing but positive feedback about Santa Crafts this year. Middle School Santa Crafts went well too. She also mentioned that all the teachers have the Auction date, and that they appreciated having tickets for them and their spouses like last year. She had nothing but appreciation and great things to say about the PTA.  

New Business:

  • Financial Report- there is $8,790 in the bank, and all of the donations from the Fall Donation Campaign have been deposited.
  • Middle School hearts – Last year the PTA taped hearts on all the Middle School lockers with positive messages. Principal Broadbent stated that it would be great if we did it again this year. Many of the members at the meeting decided to get together in early February to make all the hearts. 
  • Event Scheduling help – Mindy stated that she could use some help with scheduling various upcoming events. She said was already in the process of scheduling Yoga Night, but could use help with TRS Night at El Sancho’s and Pappy’s Pizza (Jason and Julie Brown stated they would do this) and Sunriver Nature Center at TRS (Jane Yates said she would manage this event).
  • Sunriver Observatory at TRS – Mindy worked with the staff to schedule this at TRS in late January. All K-5 kids will have the opportunity to view the traveling planetarium through a grant from the Women’s Club.
  • Sunriver Women’s Club- Mindy is meeting with the president of this group later this month to talk about ways to collaborate. In addition, their grant applications are open and Mindy will submit one for replacing the computers at TRS that the District removed because they do not support them anymore.
  • Auction Update (Kelly)

SHARC has been booked and the event is May 16. Mindy will work on getting a keg donated from AVID cider, and Brandy has solidified that SBC will donate 3 kegs of beer. Jane is working on getting a DJ, and Mindy will look at getting various carnival games. Mindy will also reach out to an Auctioneer, and Kelly V. is working on Save the Date cards and other marketing materials. Marcello’s committed to doing all the food again this year, and Jane’s firm has already donated $1,000. Also, instead of providing desserts (goal: 25), we will have them as a part of the silent auction. It was also decided to not do classroom baskets this year. Jane will also talk to Mark at Mountain Jug about having them collect bottles for the Bottle Drive. Kelly V. will also talk to Sue, the Art Teacher, about another thank you project for donors.

School District Business:

  • Ipads vs. Textbooks-Mindy updated the group that she is working with the district to schedule a Parent 101 class one evening at TRS soon to explain the use of iPads in the classroom, and all the benefits. 
  • School Safety meeting- Mindy meeting with Director of School Safety in January to discuss how the district is responding to the increase in gun violence at schools, and to just talk about school safety in general.

PTA Coffee Social– Feb. 14, 8:15-9:30 at Wildwood Coffee

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