Donate to Our Auction at the Mountain Jug!

Contribute to our Spring Auction‘s Bottle Booth Game and win a $25 gift certificate to Sunriver Brewing Co.

The Mountain Jug is collecting donations of beer, wine, liquor, growlers, and non-alcoholic beverages for our popular fundraising game. Bring a bottle you already have, regift bottles you’re never planning to drink, or buy a bottle at the Jug to contribute!

We’ll be holding three drawings for the Sunriver Brewing Co. gift certificates, so get your bottles in soon to be a part of the first drawing.

To participate, simply drop a bottle off at the Mountain Jug, or purchase a new bottle to add to our stash, and leave your name or business card in our drawing bowl!

Deadline for drop off: May 10

Drawings will be held:
March 15
April 15
May 15

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